Christmas Wishlist Item 1

I don’t know what happened but this blogpost went out prematurely unfortunately. So here it is in its full glory. So its five weeks to Christmas today and for run up to the festive season I am going to post my Christmas wishlist which will consist of items that I just can’t afford at the moment (or ever!). My Santa list will include luxurious items made to stand the test of time in your wardrobe…or life for that fact. These are the things that grown-up fairy tales are made of. Unfortunately I’m more Argos catalogue than STYLE magazine at the moment, as I’m saving for my new Volkswagen Beetle. Welcome to my escapism!

So to begin I bring you the classic YSL Tassle Bag, which many of you will be no doubt familiar with. This leather bag is my choice over the more popular, black quilted Chanel 1.55. Equally as timeless,  I think it is a littles less mainstream. The beautiful interlocking YSL signature clasp with metal chain tassle is opulent and iconic. Secondly, its also a lot cheaper than the Chanel. The YSL clutch comes in at about €1500, have a look here if you don’t believe me! But come back to see more of my Christmas wishlist items…




Spotting Acne

Why oh why cannot I afford this beautiful creature!

The Acne Velocite oversized shearling biker jacket in camel (also comes in black) is a piece of clothing that dreams are made of. For a mere €2,300 you can have this shearling lined baby. As you may know I’m pretty much fond of anything Swedish and Acne is a brand that knows how to do Scandi-style perfectly, being Swedish and all. Just imagine how soft the inside of that coat is! Now all I need is a delicious hot cider to wander aimlessly around the Christmas markets! Dream fulfilled. Buy it here from Net-a-Porter!



Great Lash? Not so great to me.

Here at Game on Fashion I can’t get enough of the latest beauty trends and in particular mascaras. From exciting innovative brushes to delectable, shiny gold packaging, I am a sucker at buying into the hype.

Although I rarely write about beauty on here, my collection of LV makeup bags are overflowing with the latest lippies, eye shadows and other useless products that were sold to me with army-like precision from advertisement peeps.

Mascara is my desert island beauty product and over my 28 years I have tested plenty. To me, all you need is a good brush that separates the lashes while elongating the hairs. It can’t be that hard to get it right.

But surprisingly it is! I had never used the most famous of all the mascaras in mascara land Maybelline Great Lash and for once I wasn’t missing out. (I don’t know how I hadn’t bought into this product yet- so unlike me).

I’m sorry to say that after application, it made my naturally long lashes droop (the only part of the body that hairiness is a plus). After the second coating my lashes were clumpier than my waistline after a week of ciabatta and removing it was a surgical process. When I say it was a pain in the eyeball I really mean it.

The positives well I’m really clutching at straws to find one. I suppose the packaging is nice. But nice doesn’t really do it for me. Snot green and ghastly pink are not my favourite hues. Someone hand them a Pantone book!

I just can’t get over how this mascara has such a renowned reputation. Here I am trying to understand realising that a lot of the other Maybelline beauty products are top sellers and justifiably so. Their creamy blushers are a recurrent buy for me, while the Maybelline Collosal Volume Mascara and Age Rewind Foundation are stand out products. But I cannot fathom how Maybelline Great Lash is among these.

Every few months or so they give it a push and mention how it is the best selling US mascara. Well do women in the US like clumpy, spider like lashes? Not the ones I know.

I was disappointed to say the least after I spent my hard earned money on this product that I seriously can’t use. I hate to berate so I’m hoping someone can shed some light. Perhaps it just didn’t work on my eyelash hair. But all I know is it certainly didn’t make me feel great.

Look I love


Sunday mornings are all about reading the papers in your onesie, browsing fashion blogs and listening to Lorde and Paolo Nutini, while sipping on a delicious Nespresso. Well for me anyway.

While perusing some of my usual sites I came across Jaime King, one of my faves, in this luxurious white knit dress paired with metallic clutch and pointed white shoe. Let’s just say I quickly got out of my pjs. Love this look!



So its finally cold enough for a coat in Ireland now…hurricane’s are coming, hurricanes are coming! This year, I have bravely purchased what is technically a white coat. What was I thinking? Not surprisingly, I’ve already had it dry cleaned once after Friday night drinks.  Some girl decided her glass of white wine looked better over me rather than in her mouth!


But hey its the sacrifice we make for style. Whether you choose a faux fur, cocoon shape, or a more timeless, traditional camel coat  this season, my first piece of advice would be to choose something that fits in with the rest of your wardrobe.

After all you will be wearing this everyday!

Secondly would be durability, if you are like me and happen to frequent places where people dance the night away, waywardly spilling drinks, you want to choose a fabric that will stand the test of time. Wool and cashmere are always the fabrics that will make me part with my hard earned cash!

My choice is this River Island, cocoon shaped coat above, which is about €110. The grid lock print is on trend, goes with most things and looks fab- if I do say so myself!

What’s your winter coat choice?



& Other Stories coming to Dublin…I Likey!

We were all sad to say slán agus beannacht to homegrown Irish fashion label A-wear earlier this year but the latest news might just cushion our heartache.  According to the Irish Times, and I think they’re pretty accurate source, giant retailer H&M has put in an exciting bid for the premises that sit half-way down the heart of Grafton Street for their fashion-forward brand & Other Stories. Eeek, the excitement!


I’m a massive fan of the Swedish fashion and beauty concept store and with a collaboration with singer Lykke Li on the cards for Autumn/Winter 2014 it only gets better. Speaking about the exciting collection, Lykke LI commented saying, “It’s been a dream of mine to have the perfect leather sack filled with the bare essentials, like a true nomad ready for business, and Stories gave me that chance.” Leather sacks good enough for Lykke Li, their famous sleek nail polishes and the overall Swedish aesthetic, is what makes my fashion heart go boom! Bring it on!


The other tenants chasing the prime Grafton Street location are Anthropolgie and Zara Home (yes please!) so I suppose the alternatives aren’t too shabby either.

While we wait with bated breath to see who wins the fashion wars. you can log on here and shop



Pick of the week- Denim Jacket

Denim jackets were all the rage when I was twelve, so were chokers, crop tops and Clueless. I don’t play to the strict fashion rule that if you’ve seen the trend the first time round then don’t wear it. What a fashion snore bore! Who would deprive themselves from tartan skirts and quotes such as “Ugh, as if” for a second, third or even fifteenth time around. 

Simple thing is I’m lusting after this Nasty Gal Vintage Denim Jacket that looks like I’ve borrowed from my very hip boyfriend pronto. 


Denim isn’t a trend so without a doubt you will have this autumnal lightweight cover up for years to come.  Boyfriend jeans, cut-offs and even denim dungarees along with leather goods and anything sequinned have always been welcomed with open accessorized arms by me and this little baby from US site Nasty Gal is no exception.

 I can feel a certain chill in the air this week so this weekend I plan to dig out all my old denim favourites and clear out my closet of other pieces to make way for new seasonal wares. The after party vintage jacket is just €65.76 from Nasty Gal and is the ideal oversized fit. I plan to wear it with a nonchalant attitude like below. I probably won’t pull it off as well which is totally “way harsh!”


Cara loves Topshop, we love Cara, we all love Topshop!

I’ve been a massive fan of Cara even before she got completely over-exposed. Just go back about three years on this blog and you’ll see I could tell she was going to be a star. I could spot it a catwalk mile away. Me and the rest of the world, that is.

Three teenage years later between modelling Chanel and undoubtedly not dating Harry Styles, my opinion on Cara hasn’t changed at all. I still want her face, I still want her life and I still want to hang with her quirky tomboy self. I also want that Topshop fur coat and those shiny patent leggings even though the latter will make my 5″3 mini legs look like black pudding wrapped up in lycra, proving the ‘Cara’ brand works!

When I was younger, I worked at Topshop for about 5 years therefore I am an obvious fan and target for the London retailer. Did I mention I loath Phillip Green, but that’s a whole other blog post! This collaboration or modelling on Cara’s part and the combo of Kate Phelan on styling has simply got me feeling all fuzzy and probably the rest of the world too.

And that was before I even saw the fluffy bunny rabbit…