So its finally cold enough for a coat in Ireland now…hurricane’s are coming, hurricanes are coming! This year, I have bravely purchased what is technically a white coat. What was I thinking? Not surprisingly, I’ve already had it dry cleaned once after Friday night drinks.  Some girl decided her glass of white wine looked better over me rather than in her mouth!


But hey its the sacrifice we make for style. Whether you choose a faux fur, cocoon shape, or a more timeless, traditional camel coat  this season, my first piece of advice would be to choose something that fits in with the rest of your wardrobe.

After all you will be wearing this everyday!

Secondly would be durability, if you are like me and happen to frequent places where people dance the night away, waywardly spilling drinks, you want to choose a fabric that will stand the test of time. Wool and cashmere are always the fabrics that will make me part with my hard earned cash!

My choice is this River Island, cocoon shaped coat above, which is about €110. The grid lock print is on trend, goes with most things and looks fab- if I do say so myself!

What’s your winter coat choice?



& Other Stories coming to Dublin…I Likey!

We were all sad to say slán agus beannacht to homegrown Irish fashion label A-wear earlier this year but the latest news might just cushion our heartache.  According to the Irish Times, and I think they’re pretty accurate source, giant retailer H&M has put in an exciting bid for the premises that sit half-way down the heart of Grafton Street for their fashion-forward brand & Other Stories. Eeek, the excitement!


I’m a massive fan of the Swedish fashion and beauty concept store and with a collaboration with singer Lykke Li on the cards for Autumn/Winter 2014 it only gets better. Speaking about the exciting collection, Lykke LI commented saying, “It’s been a dream of mine to have the perfect leather sack filled with the bare essentials, like a true nomad ready for business, and Stories gave me that chance.” Leather sacks good enough for Lykke Li, their famous sleek nail polishes and the overall Swedish aesthetic, is what makes my fashion heart go boom! Bring it on!


The other tenants chasing the prime Grafton Street location are Anthropolgie and Zara Home (yes please!) so I suppose the alternatives aren’t too shabby either.

While we wait with bated breath to see who wins the fashion wars. you can log on here and shop www.stories.com



Pick of the week- Denim Jacket

Denim jackets were all the rage when I was twelve, so were chokers, crop tops and Clueless. I don’t play to the strict fashion rule that if you’ve seen the trend the first time round then don’t wear it. What a fashion snore bore! Who would deprive themselves from tartan skirts and quotes such as “Ugh, as if” for a second, third or even fifteenth time around. 

Simple thing is I’m lusting after this Nasty Gal Vintage Denim Jacket that looks like I’ve borrowed from my very hip boyfriend pronto. 


Denim isn’t a trend so without a doubt you will have this autumnal lightweight cover up for years to come.  Boyfriend jeans, cut-offs and even denim dungarees along with leather goods and anything sequinned have always been welcomed with open accessorized arms by me and this little baby from US site Nasty Gal is no exception.

 I can feel a certain chill in the air this week so this weekend I plan to dig out all my old denim favourites and clear out my closet of other pieces to make way for new seasonal wares. The after party vintage jacket is just €65.76 from Nasty Gal and is the ideal oversized fit. I plan to wear it with a nonchalant attitude like below. I probably won’t pull it off as well which is totally “way harsh!”


Cara loves Topshop, we love Cara, we all love Topshop!

I’ve been a massive fan of Cara even before she got completely over-exposed. Just go back about three years on this blog and you’ll see I could tell she was going to be a star. I could spot it a catwalk mile away. Me and the rest of the world, that is.

Three teenage years later between modelling Chanel and undoubtedly not dating Harry Styles, my opinion on Cara hasn’t changed at all. I still want her face, I still want her life and I still want to hang with her quirky tomboy self. I also want that Topshop fur coat and those shiny patent leggings even though the latter will make my 5″3 mini legs look like black pudding wrapped up in lycra, proving the ‘Cara’ brand works!

When I was younger, I worked at Topshop for about 5 years therefore I am an obvious fan and target for the London retailer. Did I mention I loath Phillip Green, but that’s a whole other blog post! This collaboration or modelling on Cara’s part and the combo of Kate Phelan on styling has simply got me feeling all fuzzy and probably the rest of the world too.

And that was before I even saw the fluffy bunny rabbit…







Pick of the week: Triangl Bikini

I booked a much-need holiday to Spain this week so my pick really portrays my lust to escape and bask my body in sunshine. However after a few bold restaurant outings where I stuffed my face, along with a plethora of festival food and alcohol I do not have the sudden urge to get into a bikini. No surprise there. 

That’s where my secret weapon comes in. Cue neoprene, the fabric of 2013 acts like a wetsuit material when worn as a bikini and hopefully it will work miracles by sucking in all those little lumps and bumps I have got from my daily affair with ciabatta. 

You can get these neoprene bikinis from Aussie brand Traingl. I first noticed them when I was in Oz and particularly on one of my all time fav bloggers Oracle Fox. At the time I couldn’t afford one as I was travelling but in the last few weeks I have spotted them on a lot of other bloggers too like Anoushka Proetta Brandon and Fashion in Flux, both wearing them beautifully. The jury is still out on weather it can work on an average body like mine so we will have to wait and see. I have ordered the classic black one below and it comes in at around €50 for the two piece.



Metallic madness

The trick with metallics is to wear them with absolutely nothing else shiny. So many people are scared to wear shiny silvers and golds and for good reason, as so many get it terribly wrong. However if you stick to the simple, basic rule that also applies to animal print (never wear two of any leopard print) you will shine bright like a non-cheap diamond.


Take these H&M shorts, ideal for a night out on the town perhaps? Me, I prefer to wear these to a festival, dressed down with a printed jacket, a loose fitted leather look tee and timelss, black Chelsea boots. Comfy and chic!


This Zara skirt- yes it would be ideal dressed up for date night but it would also look a lot more unexpected with a pair or black cons and a crop top as a Sunday brunch look.

Either way less is more, so keep it simple.


Pick of the week

“Heading on yer holiers?”

I hate that question. Do I have to be going on my holidays to get my hair done?! Gas stuff!

Anyway if you’re going on holidays to sunny climates I recommend you pick up this nifty little sunglasses case.  The Navajo print with a slight Marrakesh feel will ensure one will never lose their sunglasses again! 

For €20 in Topshop, things are looking a lot brighter all of a sudden.


Boring brides be gone

I have got serious bride envy! No I am not a desperate biddie who is lusting after a man to fulfill my life, I just want to wear these three dresses. Edgy, out there and a little bit different being a quirky stylish bride has never been so en vogue.

Angela Scanlon, Olivia Palermo and Fearne Cotton are known for making fashion statements and they did not disappoint when it came to their big day.

 My fav NY socialite Olivia caused a wave of social media madness and magazine editors to tweet about how stunning her (and her hubby) looked making their nuptials. Wearing an ethereal Carolina Herrera white tulle skirt and white shorts adorned with ostrich feathers, paired with a cashmere sweater she defied all the traditional elements associated with weddings. She also added a pop of colour and something blue with a pair of Manolo Blanhik heels. 

160614 LET IT BE 17.jpgAngela stuck to her Irish roots choosing Irish designer, Sorcha O’Raghallaigh. The custom made dress was anything but common and had a nostaligic feel. The gold lace overlay on top was true to Angela’s personal style and truly unique. Then there was Fearne. The blonde hip London DJ looked like a princess and the epitome of fairytale wedding wearing Emilio Pucci. The short-sleeved white gown with higher hem and sequined detail around the sweetheart neckline suited her down to a tee. 

So when did it become cool to go all non-traditional? For me a long time. These three ladies prove it work’s when you stick to what you know and stay true to your oh so stylish roots!

FAMEFLYNET - Celebrities Attend The Reception For The Wedding Between Fearne Cotton And Jesse Wood